Love In the Name of Christ of Tinley Park is a group of Christian churches and church volunteers reaching across denominational lines to help people in need. People in need often end up on the doorstep of our community churches. But one church alone cannot deal with the complex issue of poverty. Love INC works by mobilizing churches and Christian volunteers to network with existing community resources and develop church ministries to fill the gaps where community services are not available.

The National organization of Love INC, was founded in 1977 and today has more than 150 Love INC affiliates in 30 states.

Our affiliate was created in February 2011.

The following churches actively participate:


Love Stories

Our FHC youth group was looking for someone to bless with presents at Christmas when they were given information from Love INC about a woman who had fallen on hard times through a job loss.

This single grandmother had two of her grandkids living with her and wasn’t sure how she was going to provide gifts for Christmas. Our small group raised nearly two hundred dollars ($200) through private donations and selling baked goods in a neighborhood on a cold Sunday afternoon.

Our group leaders bought presents for the children with the money and we gathered as a group to present them to the grandmother, at her home.

Upon arriving at her home, this grandmother was very blessed, tearful, and grateful. All of us gathered for prayer at her home. It was a special night filled with the goodness of how God works through people, no matter what age. Our young people prayed for the woman and she accepted our invitation to church. The group enjoyed this experience and the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.”

The Grandmother shared,

”No one had ever blessed me like that before. It gave me a lot of joy. It was surprising for young people to do that. You don’t see that. It was overwhelming. They are wonderful kids. I am thankful that through the grace of God and Love INC I was able to give to my grandchildren.
— Miss Smith (Name Changed)

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Julia called Love INC in December 2013 when a variety of circumstances had caused her to be in financial crisis. Her son and nephew, who had been sharing in the rental of her apartment, moved out. Around that same time she suddenly found herself unemployed. She did not have enough money to pay her rent. Prior to calling Love INC, she had already contacted several social agencies for assistance. But after receiving some help from these sources, she was still several hundred dollars short of her monthly rent and had been unable to find a new job.

Together We Cope referred her to us, and she called hoping we could provide the few hundred for her current rent balance.

Love INC is not an emergency service and does not provide money or pay bills, but she agreed to work with us to try to solve her dilemma. During the course of our intake process, Julia revealed that she was interested in finding a new church family closer to her home as well as her wish to find a job.

Love INC put Julia in touch with Faith United Presbyterian Church and she began attending there and soon became a member. She quickly endeared herself to that congregation and it has benefited all involved.

Very shortly after the intake process Love INC was made aware of a job opening for a home health care worker. Julia applied for and got the job. Her employer has reported that they are thrilled with Julia and her work.
— Connie Bone - newsletter reporter