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About Love INC

Our Mission

Our mission is to mobilize the local church to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ (INC).

Flouring Hands
Autumn Road

What we're all about.

On September 4th of 2012 LOVE INC OF TINLEY PARK opened its clearinghouse, (the foundation of Love INC.) Through this clearinghouse, Love INC of Tinley Park has received requests for help, screened the requests for the extent of need and legitimacy, and referred them to a local church ministry, church volunteer, or community agency. We also empower, equip and train our partner churches to have their own services to the community called "gap ministries"  Gap ministries develop when local help agencies and ministries collaborate about needs that remain unmet in our communities.  Love INC in turn, works with area churches  and volunteers to meet those needs.  Regardless of the method used, we follow up to ensure the needs were met and to offer spiritual support.

Requests such as assistance for the elderly, food, toiletry items, gasoline, assistance in budgeting, furniture, and helping the homeless come from our neighbors in need. These needs have inspired us to open up our Personal Care Pantry (toiletry items), and our Beds & Blessings ministry which provides linens to families that have been displaced by disaster or crisis.  Our church volunteers also strive to meet unique needs and teach Transformational Life Classes (TLC) in order to empower those in need to break through their difficulties and experience the abundant life Christ promises.

Our Team

Behind the scenes of the Love INC ministry there is a team of devoted believers committed to living out the call of the gospel; love your neighbor. It is a group with diverse theological backgrounds who all share a passion for service, ministry, and strongly uphold the ecumenical approach of working together as the Church.


President: Rev. Chris Pederson

Executive Director: Lisa Dailey

Secretary: Angelique Warner

John Van Groningen


If you are interested in having Lisa or one of the board members come to speak at a church or organization function, please feel free to call the Love INC offices at (708) 444-2013 or email at

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

We are currently looking for qualified board members. If you are a professing Christian who would love to serve your community through this ecumenical ministry contact us at the Love INC offices at (708) 444-2013 or email at

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