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Grace and Gratitude

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

"I wondered how gracious I would be in her situation."

She isn’t our typical client…Well educated, groomed and a home-owner. To be honest, she could teach me a thing or two about my job. But like so many, the recession hit her industry hard and she found herself without a job, running out of savings and faced with the threat of losing her home.

With kindness, grace and humility she answered questions from our intake procedure. This was all new to her. We offered what we could; personal care items, an appointment with Self-Help Jobs and most importantly prayer.

I received numerous thank you emails and phone calls from her. Something else that defined her as different was simply this: Grace and Gratitude. I wondered how gracious I would be in her situation. That is one of the greatest things I have delighted in as an Executive Director. I have delighted in what our clients have taught me. The moment I think I am better than someone else is the moment I’ve become useless to them. And so I try to remember to sit at their feet to listen and learn. I invite you to do the same, as I offer the opportunity to become a Love INC volunteer. Please call for more will never be the same!


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