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Two Miracles in A Pair of Boots

"You cannot out-give God"

Love INC volunteers experience the truth of this scripture over and over. Here’s just one of the many stories that shows how volunteers from our local churches are working together through Love INC to meet the needs of people in our community.

Zion Lutheran Church referred him to Love INC. He had experienced a number of setbacks in his life. He had lost his mother, lost his girlfriend, lost his job, and had been evicted from his home. “Don” would have found himself on the street had it not been for a friend who let him stay with him temporarily. Don had every reason to feel hopeless, but didn’t. When Don called us he was upbeat and friendly. The only thing he asked for was a pair of steel-toed work boots so he could begin the new job he was just offered.

The volunteer from Christian Hills Church, who received the phone call, is no stranger to adversity. Unemployed for about a year and struggling to make ends meet, she was diligently job-hunting while volunteering one day a week at Love INC. Don’s story touched her heart and she felt drawn to help him, but didn’t see how she could when she was barely making it herself.

Love INC put out a call for donations via the Internet, but before anything came through a miraculous thing happened. The volunteer received an unexpected small check from her former employer and without hesitation gave it toward the purchase of the work boots. Another donor came forward with the additional funds.

We asked one of our volunteers from Faith Christian Reformed Church, who is familiar with construction gear, to take Don shopping for the boots. After the boots were purchased there was a little money left over. The client would not keep the extra money and insisted it be returned to the donors. Both donors asked that the funds remain with Love INC so someone else could be helped.

Very shortly afterward, the volunteer who received the original call from Don and gave her check for the boots was offered and accepted the job of her dreams, the job she was praying and believing God for. Her testimony is that you cannot out-give God.

This is just one of the several stories of how Love INC involves many churches in a shared mission so God can work through them for the common good and lives are being transformed.


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